Clench, Unclench, Grin

Clench, Unclench, Grin
These days its all i can sing
Just Clench, Unclench and Grin
Im getting angry at everything
but i got patience by the truckload
takes me quite a lot to blow

Seems all im saying near my boss and my friends
is take a deep breath son and count to ten
I take a deep breath counting one, two, three
But why is everyone trying to push me
Another deep breath counting four five six
Its not just words now they have stones and sticks
A breath like a black hole counting seven eight nine
Why am i angry? These guys arent worth my time
Take a half breath and i've counted to ten
They give me one more push and then

Its just Clench, Punch, Grin
My patience has worn thin
Just clenching, punching and a grin
Thats my favorite song to sing
One more time clench punch and grin
Can't expect me to take EVERYTHING...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The first of three poems which were all written within 12 hours of each other. I was trying to write something jolly and ended up writing about anger. But thats the way it goes

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