One of a myriad of long love poems.

She was fair as summer, as sharp as ice
and when she asked me questions she had to ask them twice
yeah she was fair as summer and sharp as ice
but she taught me a pretty face doesnt mean your nice.

The first time i saw her was on my way to the shop
i'd run out of milk and fancied a mini ice cream pot
i didnt bother to get dressed up but how i wish i did
stood there shivering from the cold of the fridge
count the pennies in my hand push back my hood
and in all her glory there she stood.
i couldn't help myself, i didn't mean to gasp
but it was involuntary, when i saw her face at last
She looked me up with a gaze as cold as winter
and i felt i had done wrong, or dissapointed her
She was pretty, in the same way as stone
as warm as a thrown knife on her own
maybe iwhat i did was because of the cold
maybe the goosebumps had made me bold
In a pair of trackies, slippers and an old vest
i cleared my throat and i gave it my best
Said she had eyes as bright as the sun, and as pretty as the moon
and a figure that was often like to make me swoon
said she was looking kinda sexy and all different kinds of fine
and that i wanted to ask if she would consider being mine
and so i left her with my number and a nervous smile
And i told myself i would stay away from that place for a while.

But i lasted barely a day, before i went to the shop again
i had no need, but i was drawn like a moth to the flame
A part of me looked for her for that chilling icy gaze
and i told myself she would be forgotten in a few days
I stayed away from the shop lest we should meet by accident not design
and when i wasn't with my friends i was checking my phone all the time
two weeks passed and i had nearly forgotten her eyes
so the number that texted me came as something of a suprise

She said that she was the one the girl in the shop
the world seemed to crystalise, it all seemed to stop
she asked if we could meet, and we could get dinner
i was shakingly excited i thought i was on to a winner
i must have made so many mistakes as i made my reply
i told her the where and the when, and i asked her the why
she said she had been in a bad relationship, didnt want to rush
and she thought i looked a bit of a player, which made me blush
Although she couldnt be further from the truth, she agreed
so then it was two weeks later, and finally we did meet
i was nervous and fidgety, with expectation and need
she said hello, and it took me a while to return her greet
see she looked stunning, in a skin tight black top
And it wasn't me but she was the reason it was hot
some jeans in a denim blue and a pair of plain high heeled shoes
so i asked where she wanted to go, feeling kind of blue
i thought i wasnt in with a chance, then she linked my arms
i felt a little thrill, looked her in the eyes, saw her expressionless calm
then she smiled, there were stars in the sky, but i missed them all
what i would have given to have touched her then, kissed her at all
i would have sold my soul, given myself over to lucifer himself
but i took a deep breath and put my lust away on the shelf
and so arm in arm hand in hand we went to the movies
and those days were the happiest days that i would see

Fast forward six months we had been together all the time
but i had this suspicion, this feeling that she still wasnt mine
but i never could have imagined the truth, it was a shock
i would rather never have known, i would turn back the clock
i wish i could freeze myself in those days when i was happy
but that isnt how life works and the truth might have set me free
but the truth hurts, but i am getting ahead of the narrative
so back to where i was, six months on from the kid
left behind the child i had been, i had grown much
but i had not grown enough to realise and as such
it was a great, blow, it was a blindside
it would be my emotional undoing, it would make me cry

I was walking through the school, i felt i was watched
and i was hearing muttering when together we cotched
on the floor, i ignored them, i shut them out
i pretended i couldnt hear what they said out loud
but i guess i was kidding myself even then
and i had already lost my closest friends
they had left when she had appeared
they had seen the danger as it neared
but others had got closer to me, to her
and i felt thier jealousy burning hot enough to burn
but i didnt notice its absense, i should have
but i was never observant, i could have
said something to her but i chose not to
so i kept on doing what it was i would do
and so i was the last to understand
everyone knew by then, to them it was bant

She was cheating on me, for a month or two now
and i never saw it coming i didnt even know how,
she was a liar and she tore me apart, she lied
and she wasnt even the one who told me, my friends tried
and then one day after people had talked especially
loud, i asked my friend and so he finally told me
said she was lying to me all along
and that she wouldnt have missed me if i was gone
I now deciphered the titters and laughter
and i would feel this always hereafter
for the first time in my life i felt true shame
and i promised myself i will not feel it again

So i cut all of my ties with the pretty girl
the person who had come and turned my world
upside down, the one who made my life hell
although if you just saw her face, you couldn't tell
i shut out everyone who i knew, it wasnt thier fault
but i couldnt deal with them, like a dolt
i closed of my heart, errected steel walls so thick
and it only recently began to click
that this was no way to get back at who did this
so i walked out half naked into a storm, felt the rains kiss
and i yelled out all of fustration to the sky
and i lived twice as hard for the next few days
and i felt so much better, i saw how flimsy her lies
had always been and i lived faster in my way
on my terms, for myself and for no one else

So i met this girl and she fucked me up
yeah at first when i saw her, i thought i was in luck
cos she was fair as summer
she was sharp as ice
but she taught me a pretty face dont always mean your nice.

yeah she taught me a pretty face dont always mean your nice.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Finally finished the whole poem. It is pretty shabby and epically long

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