The Snowstorm

It was barely a week ago
that you kicked me out into the snow
and lord its so cold out here
but colder still knowing you are near
you shiver in taht silken dressing gown
pop your head outside to check no ones around
then you give me a hug and you push me away
shut the door on what i have to say

One set of footprints lead through the frost
i never fell in love i didnt know the cost
What did i do? ill right any wrong
how can it end when weve been together so long
so give me a reason or give me a chance
or just 5 more minutes for one last dance
the hundreds of times that i rang your phone
but you wont answer so i walk on alone

And it started with a kiss
and it ended with a hug
and i was a fool to think it could be love
you messed me up
you pushed me about
so why do i care that your not around

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