Man in the Flat Cap

Simmer Down, Simmer Down
its time the word got around
about the man in the the flat cap
got no funeral but he's wearing black
No interviews but he's looking sharp
lives in the light, but his thoughts are in the dark
He's no wordsmith, he's barely a poet

and dont i just know it

But heed these words those who listen
Coz i change each day like morning dews glisten
I look at the world through half lidded eyes
and i realise, for every hour of truth theres thirty minutes of lies
For every Baby thats born someone dies
and whenever you laugh someone cries
and you wouldn't think it would matter
wouldn't read the patterns in the blood splatter
But i did and i do
im a poet
one of the lucky few

My confidence is built on quicksand and stimbling feet
but my heart and soul are rooted in concrete
so lash out with your sticks and stones
and read the daily mail locked up in your homes
Run from the immigrants who come like a "tide"
the different and strange that you won't let hide

Ill take all the wanderers under my wing
and you can't even do anything

And we'll paint the town red
while you cower under your bed

We'll tear down the Billboards, cover the walls in graffitti
Smash the cameras, an Anarchic city
and theres nothing you can do to stop me
You make the cage yourself, you'll never be free

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