They call them revolutions because they revolve
although over time they seem to have evolved
From hunting aristocrats with the guillotine
to oil slicks and that black golden sheen

See people are interesting they can bend and sway
You might be fooled into thinking it will stay that way
but if you push an inch to far then they will explode
and there's no reset button, no chance to reload

Now i am not a qualified psychologist
was never a behavioural scientist

But i dont need that to know how poeple think.

Treat citizens like dirt and they will rise up
push past the limit when they've had enough
Even dictators have rules to adhere to
you can't forever take from the many to give to the few
So while most of the time i am a pacifist
This is an exception im happy to list

I can't do it for you im not one of the opressed
You need to want it, its your balance to redress
So i say rise up, throw off those chains
its the only way you'll ever be free again

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