Who are you?

step out, look up young buck coz it ain over yet
stomach in, back straight, puff out that chest
Now they'll be scared if they werent scared yet

You say your a young gun, confederate son
say your a widowmaker and heart breaker
Put your trust in cliche till the job is done
Stone faced stone heart, its no place to have fun

Its a job yeah but its also a thankless task
You won't find outside understanding or praise no matter who you ask
They havent seen the nightmares in your future or past
Coz they arent dying young they arent living fast

The only people left you can trust are your team
they were there with you they were on the scene
They saw the blood they heard the crack
They stood thier ground they defend and attack

You walk among civillians like a wolf amongst sheep
And the longer you stay it gets harder to keep
The blood lust in check, the killer supressed

So your a soldier? Id never have guessed.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another poem written from inspiration rather than by design, i apologize if it is rough in some places.
I would also appreciate feedback please.

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