The soldier and The war

A soldier, he's standing in the sun
A soldier, firing that smoking gun
A soldier, more machine than man
A soldier, walking with the damned

A war, fought just for oil
A war, just for the spoils
A war, for profit not for peace
A war, our problems increase
A war, no way to escape
A war, we've chosen our fate
I know we did wrong and we gotta pay
But is holy war the only way?

A soldier, shot through the head
A soldier, left for dead
A soldier, more of a man than machine
A soldier, spilt no blood his hands were clean

A war, we can't back out now
A war, tell me how
A war, we cannot win
A war, without the capital sin
A war, we cannot lose
A war, so how can we choose
The only thing left is genocide
kill every last one just to survive

No more soldiers, standing in the sun
No more soldiers, with a smoking gun
No more soldiers, they were blown away
No more soldiers, what can i say?

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