The Survivor

Howling in the nights sky,
Watching all the birds fly.
Pawing the ground with heavy ambition,
I need no guns or ammunition.
My teeth sharp as razors,
Eyes peering like lasers.
Stalking my prey,
Careful it doesn’t run away.
Maybe my jaws snap its neck,
No time to check.
Ripping its flesh,
Bloody and fresh.
Fluids run over my fur,
Far away I sense a stir.
Slowly creeping to me,
A female near a tree.
Growls fly in the air,
Snarls rip through the affair.
Bites ensue,
She laid slew.
The beast within,
Thrives again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If I'm honest this one is completely inspired by Florence and the Machines "Howl", I love her and this song. But I decided to write about an actual wolf, though of course I'm not an expert on the creature so I don't know how likely they would be to kill a competitor.

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