A New Planet

Carlos A. Guerra Crombé


A New Planet


After "The Great War, the world as we know it, turn into ashes. All the things we used to love and appreciate were gone. The American government knew this was coming, so they prepared for years building this underground bunkers with the purpose of saving human kind. This bunkers were numerated by state and then by sectors, just the most important people of every profession there is were called to be saved in this vaults. What it happen, once inside, is that this people were put into cryogenic sleep for over 200 years.

Engineer Raven Suarez, was called in with his family to be members of Vault 88 located near a small town in New Mexico, Arizona. A token of gratification from the company he worked with "The Institution” (weapons manufacturers), as the head of the designing team. Raven´s family felt really lucky and grateful for being saved, they could smell hope in the end. Not for last, while submerged in a vast sleep, a group of cold-violent assassins broke into the vault and killed everyone except for Raven and his baby son Peter, which was kidnapped by the bandits. 200 hundred years had passed, the cryogenic capsules were open automatically. Raven step outside, feeling dizzy and weak, the kind of feeling a drunk person has. After recovering his energy, he start walking to the capsules were his family were put in to see how they were. He could not imagine what he saw, everywhere, everyone was killed including the staff members of the facilities. In great pain, grieving at his wife´s dead, he started to desperately search for his missing son, which he realize was not in there. Looking at every corner in the place, he knew Peter was not in there, frustrated, willing to take the risk, he exit the bunker.

Everything was different, destroyed, even the creatures in the surroundings were mutated by the radiation of the bombs; all he knew was vanished. As he started searching in the places nearby his old suburb, he discovered there were people still alive, other vault members and even people who adapted to the radiation long time ago. Asking and making jobs for those people he met on his quest to finding his son, was the only way to get some information of his son´s whereabouts. After some time doing mercenary jobs for people, Suarez started becoming important for the communities in the region. He was like the savior of the people, killing the corrupted and saving the innocent from the scavengers. Several years had passed since Suarez started adapting to the new world, his loyalty and strength was tested as he tried to joined a group of people in charge of making the new world a safe and non-corrupted. This group was called "The Legion", all mercenary guys ready to spare their lives to find and eliminate this secret group of bandits which have being kidnapping people from the region since "The Great War”.


This group had a clue of Suarez son whereabouts, since they were the only group known of kidnapping people. Suarez enlisted himself to this deathly mission planned by general Red Skin, commander of "The Legion". General had being planning this mission long time ago, and he was almost sure, if accomplish, it might end up for good with this violent group. The next morning, the group was packed and ready for the mission. They reached the location pointed by their general and encountered the bandits defensive line. Under heavy fire, most Legion´s men were killed and others badly hurt. Suarez, willing to go further driven by the love he has on his son, sneaked in the bandit’s base. He get passed through all of the guards, finally reaching what he thought was the room with the kidnapped people. He found a terminal on the room, and search for his boy´s name on the list. He found the capsule he was laying in and rapidly opened it. Surprised and full of joy, his boy was healthy and even bigger took him out and wake him up. The bandits were alarmed by the breach made on the terminal and quickly enter the room, shooting down Raven Suarez. Before he had his last breath, the bandit leader told him everything was okay they are just testing people to make them immune to radiation.

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