these are the gardens that keep us from hiding. under the burning moon you too will see that the stars which fall upon us are nothing more then forgotten dreams living a wishes life. the streak in the wake of its passing made me forget the meaning of its purpose, i hope you do too. someday youll see the happiness left behind, behind your head you store these thoughts. hoping to forget what its like to dream and think and live and love, hate, fear, give and take and shove aside all thats not important. its hard to see the sky when youre looking down, its hard to be happy when theres always a frown. on your face a tear escapes your eye. you quick wipe it away, trying once more to forget what its like to care. but this time of not yourself. you fixate your thoughts on the magic of now. looking up you see ive meant. you see the light, the sun, the moon, the stars and the dreams that were never sent.

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