My heart and soul yean for you

The love I never expected. 

For a long time I lost sight

Of the man I wanted to be. 

Then lost my heart. 

Gone because I couldn't see what was in front of me. 


My heart returned

Now I share you

But that's ok because I love you

You say the words

Refresh my soul

My life is whole. 


But I cannot fight a truth

When you're here with me

You are elsewhere.

In good times and bad

Your mind is elsewhere. 


I begin you wonder

Where I am with you

Am I a second thought? 

Pushed away for something new? 

Lost in nothingness. 


I struggle with myself

You struggle with me

Am I doing the right thing? 

Should I let you go? 

Do I give up on my love for you? 


I could be perfect

But your mind is elsewhere. 

In good times and bad

Your mind is elsewhere. 


Can I ask on thing? 

For just one night

Maybe a day

Your mind, your heart 

Will be here, with me? 


Not elsewhere. 

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