Once again I sit here, 

Wondering where I belong

Where I sit in your mind. 

You say the words

And go through the motions

But your mind isn't with me. 


Regardless of what I do

I can hardly keep you

To be right here with me. 

Our time is split three ways

As he takes up your mind

Pushing me away. 


Do I stay here

Take a backseat

As I'm forgotten? 

The words are said

Lacking feeling, truth

I fade into the darkness. 


When I'm there with you

Are you thinking of him

Wishing it was him?

Is this my life

Where I'll be pushed away

As you leave me behind? 


I stay here

Believing it'll all work out

My faith in us, strong. 

I'll put myself aside

Hoping for better days

When I can be the man you want. 

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