you feel

inside the pain tried to take me away,

his beautiful name helped me to escape

my road is to walk as my tongue is to talk

run with the answer? slow down you must walk

you're a beautiful song, a rope which to hold

a beautiful name, a heart that's untold

does pain fill my heart?, delicate are its confines

i need you right now, stop looking behind

it wasn't my fault, i could not describe

for everything, everything - desperately needed my time

the rejection had tried to rest within my soul,

my heart felt their words, they were so very cold

gentle defender of my love inside,

you're upon me so softly, as gently you rise

your fall is breathtaking, i cannot resist

let me taste of your presence, it's for you that i live

within my love, my want is so strong

won't you come inside me, as my lips quietly dance with our song

"i am inside you", he said -- all day long

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