little me

all the time i spend alone, with no where to call home

only hoping for a little, and praying for someone to help me

there was a part of me, that was afraid all the time

afraid to be touched, dejection was hard to subvert

cast downward upon the rocky shore, i was in submission

made to become, and yet deep within there was a drive

not a soul had heard it, for if they had even for a moment

they would have crushed its fragile melody, leaving my heart

seeing that deep inside there was someone, waiting with expectancy

if the rain falls on the just, then perhaps my heart deserves more

maybe my thoughts were wrong, and this paragraph was in need of excision

into a place that was not accepted, being different from a normal expectation

still i find that deep within, there is a restless desperation

though if you knew me, you would see in the dim light

the stare of someone who had lost everything, yet had the will to move on

though moving was hardly what was going on, to move... little me


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