the night

when you found her heart and felt her pain, seeing the night every day had remained just the same

tender hands beared with those fingerprints unknown, those wandering hearts now left all alone

how the light of the sun had shone with a brilliance, now gazing upon a million stars burning in the distance

for the depths of darkness had hidden the pouring rain, and she was lost in the shadows with all answers the same

there wrapped in the night and left all alone, with her frayed heart held high upon a cold sitting stone

with hands muted softly her cries in the night, with them casting their shadows beneath the street lights

flowing tears started rolling down her beautiful face, while prayed she so silently with beautiful grace

leaving plans which had seen better and the worse, while driving quickly to run from the pain and the hurt

beneath the expanse of the stars and space, there amidst millions of voices was a dark and mysterious place

calling divisions in the past were wrapped within melancholy dreams, lost within a hopeless endeavor it seemed

her unfailing love tried but the cobra had bitten, what had fallen down below from a love that was smitten

desperate to sail but her heart ran aground, when with all of her might she wailed with a slowly building sound

while lighting seven candles with their flames glowing bright, hoping the darkness would run from the light

while all was unbinding and unwinding in her heart, branded by hopelessness that was blurred from the start 

not really knowing where to go from dispair, amidst the painfully hurtful thoughts of this sorrowing affair
there the emptyness called from a most bitter place, with life and their memories now strong to the taste
feeling down below empty and there all alone, hoping for the answer she picked up the phone 
endless ringing it seemed as the flickering of the candles had stayed, a steaming affair while her messages played
there she prayed for an answer but found all the same, a warm shower to wash all the pain and the blame
she opened the door slowly while turning out the lights, a light from the closet glowed and extinguished her fright
there hiding in the dark places deep in the night, out went the candles as they dimmed from her sight
in the middle of the night crying herself down to bed, prayed and hoping for morning sunlight instead
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