within the deepest places of your heart, commanding changes to life you;

with a subtle cry dance closely upon those chords.


making me laugh with a gentle cry;

changing the direction of my compass for better winds that lead to some tropical paridise in the pacific.


calling closer the chambers of all my consiousness to your elegance and gracefulness,

like the gentle movement of swans in summer upon the Vltava River in Prague, you move so gently upon the fabric of my soul.


with an orange sunset igniting the blazing clouds from horizon to zenith, such a wondrous feeling follows you in my heart.


my desire is to be within the pictures you paint, feeling so close to somthing you could almost reach out and touch;

perhaps, for a moment.


finding within the shallows a warm gentle breeze that tickles my senses to life, and caresses the cares of my being;

leaving me warm and smiling.


simply daydreaming within their moire image is enough to ignite the passion of my soul.

you are so beautiful.





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