my marriage

as the world casts a blind eye upon me, my soul is lifted
for you are the way of life, the truth abounds within my soul
as my journey along the path of lust, led me into adultery
found truth in the words of life, for it truly is a spring
casting aside all lies, for satan is the father of all lies
truth from my lips, hurting an angel
she considers the words of instruction, the decision
life or death upon my marriage, living within the crucible
for you call me to tell the truth, confessing my sins before you
my love has left me, weeping over that which has been received
the lies within my heart tell me, she committed the act too
and you would be just to not tell her, however i cry out for your life
trumpets sound within my mind, screaming from rooftops
and in the end of the days, they shall shout
bringing forth the fruition of life, demons flee
hanging in the balance of life, i call upon thee

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