we walk through the park on summer's beautiful day, telling secrets of our childhood how we used to play
long conversations on the phone my tongue is numb with desire, never failing in ability to send your love through the wire
and when we meet again you smile at the roses, smelling sweet like your perfume entering into my feelings
filling me with unbounded compassion for your eyes, they are beautiful at night how they light the shadows giving them splendorous glow
halos surround your beautiful face for you are an angel with wings of love, capturing my heart and calling new life into my body
when i wake in the morning, i think about you for thou art with me where ever my travels take me
bringing along your memories which my ears are locked into, and you mine as we consider how lovely life can be
and when the darkness hits our house calling it into destruction, you grip my hand tightly confirming your presence
never letting go of what brought us together beautiful flower, for you are as lovely as infinite sunsets
how i would trade them for one moment with you, holding onto the sweet memory for eternity
laying down my life for your heart is valuable for i know this is the only answer, to become one with you
we pass the time together cooking and laughing, as the kids play in the yard with their tonka trunks
our daughter comes and asks you if she can see her friends, you let out a gentle giggle as you notice her face covered with chalk
have you been playing hopscotch again little sweetheart, yes mommy she answers
watching the two of you lifts me for i know the creation, of the bond between mother and daughter in all its sensation
and as we lay together in the still dark night, you remind me of how much i love you tonight

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