sleeping at the gates of the ivory castle

there is something so beautiful about life, it compels me to do better
every glittering smile that lights up the darkness, shows me that there is something better
and as i lay there gazing upon the night sky, which ushered in the darkness
the moon appeared in all of its glorious splendor, showing those gentle spirits of the earth just how beautiful they could be
for she was not afraid of how beautiful she was, embracing her shadow which is certainly gorgeous

and the horses called out in the night with a valiant whisper neighing gently at the light, as they lay upon the straw
their form was that of a beautiful kindred spirit, casting light upon old darkness and illuminating its purpose
we lay there next to our familiar fire, breathing sighs of relief as our love for one another increased
you turned and looked at me, which quickly sent blood racing through my body and making my eyes glow with the moonlight
your beauty never ceases to amaze me, for it calls out old shadows and causes them to dance
making quick work of growing our love for one another, you grab me gently and caress my hand
telling me sweet words in whispers, giving me new life and vigor
our hearts become one and we lay under the moonlight, you smile and giggle singing a sweet tune
the music of your voice never fails to reach the farthest places within me, giving my spirit life anew
and the gentle breeze blows upon us, you grip me tightly and begin whispering in my ear
this tickles and makes me giggle, and then causes my eyes to tear up with joy
no one has ever touched me the way that you do, ever so gently
i kiss you and you look into my eyes as we find each others soul, and i can't help but wonder why you look upon me even more
the past is filled with times of hurt, and eyes that never look
but now you see me clearly, you read across my soul like an open book
hold me now and embrace my love, for your heart is a beautiful thing
never ceasing with its wondrous love how i long for its sweet embrace

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