the ugly human error

you spoke out of turn, should have read them all first
your stupid title made a turn for the worse, calling feelings unheard
and as you left me i considered eternity, was there a god or anything
i have seen lots of things but you're not one, never making me a beautiful son
just a faggot, hated by my very own
he claims he doesn't even remember, what a crock
and as i read these lines and consider, what my father has been to me
sadness fills my heart so deeply, considering what i might loose
you helped me when i was in jail, paying my bail without fail
always giving me money when i had nothing to eat, living out on the cold of the streets
and as i slept in the park that day, on that old rickety bench
you called out to me, saying james i'm here
i didn't want to believe you
walking around some more i heard the voice again
it was like i was looking down on myself --- the strangest feeling overcame me
and somehow i knew, that i was not alone --- don't ask me to explain it i can't
i was hooked on dope, for seven years
my life was in shambles
and i was in tears

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