special forms

change always comes at a cost, defining the very core of our being, its wants, and needs
for the night sky is dotted with lights that burn brightly beyond the scope of eternity, ever changing but never fading
for truth is caught within the soul that receives it, and as i walk upon the tightrope of life - wondrous change occurs
never failing to capture my imagination, unstoppable in its vigor for livelihood
you are as numerous as the stars, how they glow with your splendor and captivate my every thought

your gentle face speaks with a love for your family, never fading in your desire to care for them
a mother always knows what is best, for her intuition guides her upon an unfailing journey to improve upon life
never failing in your ability to cast off foolishness, you shun those who scorn you and care for those whom you love

you are a voice among six billion, speaking the truth upon waves of uncertainty never stopping, supplanting the darkness effortlessly
truly your force is something greater, making the sky burn, gently dancing upon the northern lights as you glow with their lovely colors
large stones fall upon the atmosphere, but the thick mist of life quickly burns them up as they fall to earth and land as tiny pebbles

your beauty never fades, the song never dies
you stand on your own, in strength

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