The land of the Almas - Chapter 2

Chapter 2
The Journey

Abidan and Abal were travelling along the path to the Ivory Castle, the sunlight suddenly dimmed by a large grove of redwood trees. These were the beatiful marks of an old world, reaching toward the heavens with majesty. Their trunks flowing with vein-like formations rippling across their circumference with a light brown fading into darker hues at their base. The small shrubbery and youthful plants dotted the scene with forest greens ranging in their hue and tint, the sight was truly serene. They stopped at clearing where a small stream flowed to get a drink of the fresh cool water. Abal gently lowered her head toward the water making a light neighing sound, pleased to receive its life giving nourishment. After drinking she lifted her head in splendor, shaking the excess water which gently fell to the floor of the entrance to the magnificent Chisisi Forest.

Abal turned and looked at her companion's human form, a familiar sight to her. She loved Abidan dearly, for he had always treated her with respect and unconditional love. His head was adorned with a golden eagle feather, given to him by the ancient medicine man Chay-Tahn to symbolize what type of warrior he was. His face was painted, starting with black on his forehead stopping just beneath his eyes with thin lines of white traced around his eyes. At the edge of the black was a teal color that formed upside down triangular shapes like eyes beneath his eyes. These triangles met with brilliant white paint, which covered the rest of his face stopping just above where his neck began. His nose had fine lines of black around it in contrast to the white to symbolize the nose of a wolf highlighted with thin strips of crimson red, which also covered a thin area above his forehead and neck. The magnificent mare trotted over to her companion and nudged him for she knew it was time to depart. He grabbed the horn of her beautiful saddle and lifted himself on to her gently sloping back; she let out a loud neigh signifying her readiness to travel onward.

The forest was often a place for unusual creatures but something had happened, all of them seemed to be wandering about aimlessly as if they were confused. This troubled Abidan greatly, for he was accustomed to seeing the lovely birds and beasts of the forest on this much travelled road. He asked himself "Why do they act as if they have forgotten their place and path?". Abal began thinking about this too and it troubled her greatly, a wolf was walking by who knew Abidan well for they had grown up together in the forest. The wolf was not affected by whatever was troubling the other animals, for it seemed as though he were the only creature with a sound mind. Abal the mare spoke for Abidal to Wolf Marrok, asking "Hello my kindred spirit, why are the forest creatures in such confusion", The wolf responded by saying, "It was late yesterday when this strange occurance began". Sensing Abal's thoughts Abidan quickly realized that his battle with the nothingness had somehow resulted in the confusion. Marrok also said to Abal "You will find the wizard Galen at the Ivory Castle when you arrive there; his powers are certainly capable of solving such a problem".

Abal let out a loud neigh, lifting her torso up toward the sky in magnificence. The warrior and his mare departed in haste, traveling quickly through the forest. Abal was a skilled traveller, for she always knew the way not requiring direction. Abidan lay low upon her soft yet strong torso, travelling speedily through the dense forest. She moved swiftly like an arrow for she had the Gift of Vitesse, which was bestowed upon her by the elf princess Sindri. They quickly arrived to the edge of the woodland and were met by the great Foster River, which glistened in the sunlight moving at a slow pace near the crossing Abal intended to take. Abal quickly came around to the entrance of a large bridge constructed by the Ogres of an old world.

The bridge was a massive formation, towering above the landscape for the river was wide. It was made of great stones, carved into blocks skillfully by the Ogres who were masters of building. It was a grey color for the most part, however this was a special stone for it contained bits of gold and diamond. For the Ogres of old liked to use this stone for building because of its splendor and magnificence. Great ropes lined the sides of the bridge, only they were not made from regular cord but from the cord spun from gold. These ropes were massive in size, for their circumference was that of the largest redwood trees in the grove.

Abal and Abidan stared with wonder at the bridge as they always do before they cross, for it had a splendor that never grew old. Abal quickly crossed the bridge and entered into the courtyards of the Ivory Castle, upon entering they crossed through a grassy lawn. There were more creatures walking about as if they had lost their direction, this troubled both Abal and Abidan greatly. From a distance they could see the Ivory Castle, which rose above the landscape in brilliant white beauty. The rims of the castle were lined with precious diamonds, setting the structure aglow with spectacular light which could be seen from a great distance.

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