starry bursts to a love i never knew

you paint the night sky

as i look above at the contrast between the void and your splendor

i gasp...

what a magnificent scene all the lights in an arrangement, hardly chaotic --- but beautifully drawn out

as if a painter had taken the brush and dotted the sky with such immaculateness that it remains to me, one of the most beautiful things in nature

like that sweet gal, her face is warm and she is just darling bonny ---

the freckles on her face are just as lovely as her teardrop eyes

i could gaze for hours -- oh but she would probably just think i was a lunatic

i've always been the type to touch... not so much in a sexual way --- but a sensual way

you know that extremely light touch, that evokes a sensation quite difficult to describe --- almost like being tickled except you want more

and as we lay on that blanket out in the woods looking up on this starry night

i can't help but think of what our life could be, you and i -- sweet lady of splendor

could overcome anything.

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