the fixer

my life has been a mass of broken glass
swept up in a cobbled mass

and along came a spider and said to me, what is wrong honey
let me fix you

i said, but i'm not broken -- this is me
she said, but honey -- it is much better if you act this way

why, i said -

she then proceeded to tell me that i was fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of god
and that right now i was not living my life to its full potential

i responded by saying, if i was made in god's image --- then why are you telling me that i am broken

if i'm cut --- do i not bleed
and embarrassment --- doth it not make me blush
bitter pain --- have you any idea the depths to which i have experienced it
joy --- does your joy have to be my joy --- i substitute your reality with my own, now you are better.

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