the life we will live is not the best, it takes time to build
but when it comes to you and me
we will always be free to love, you see
simple mistakes can destroy our life
but the easiest choice can bring us through strife

i accept you, no matter what
you accept me, no matter what

together we live, with trust in one another

sure i make mistakes, you make them too
but commitment is stronger than that
it's the glue that holds us together
binds us and finds us stuck to one another
we burned the paper, so there is no list of wrongs
for my heart is yours, as is yours mine

i shall guard your heart with all my might
as you, with mine

i forgave her
but it wasn't enough, she couldn't forgive herself

in the end, i should have tried harder

love is worth it, but at times it's like sand --- escaping your grasp

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