what did you say

shush silly boy

silence your toy

quiet the mouse

boredom in my house

leave right away

compounded with dismay

bellowing the flames

fires of shame

freedom in words without

fancy your fine spout

forthright with your insanity

frenzy comes from calamity

feeding on that which you speak

fallacy of your emotional reek

errors often accompany your sound

horrendous is the size of your mound

hilarious rumination of the day

precarious once everyone sees your dismay

presumption gets you in a pickle

prolific times of the fickle

pragmatic analysis of the steeple

nefarious lives of the people

eloquent mouths of the cranking

desire often comes with a spanking

fizzle like the little medicine tablet

frazzle likes to chase the rabbit

bamboozle the people to feel good

profuse actions of the would

obtuse mouth of the wise

combustion found in their lies

abuse will never fly

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