banter the hate-a-go-round

smells like a fish has died on the lake
it's dead body floats devoured by a snake
perhaps some allusion to seek a confusion
a carefully lain trap awaits

configured properly the conquest awaits
tailing perfects the avaricious mistakes
to contend with the sword of the prudent
don't be so impudent

like a group of sols played on a harp
the finish is hardly the start

to a man in disguise walking on the dock
drives a suspicious method of driving insult
a careful examination of whimper and scamper
lies profound truth in a most dubious manner

fifth on my stake said the crate of bigamy
indeed a sharp loss of the hateful infinity
dealt out of a loss indeed a heaving toss
of infertile profusion insisting a cost

prodigious perfection lies under inspection
confounded the papal in all of its spurious flapper
consisting of putrid demoralizing drabber
in the last of entropy's clatter

perilous perfection exists in convection
of disenchanted dreams for the soul it careens
masochistic outpouring fill antic doused blabber
compared to the pepper of the snapper

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