in honor that cannot be smitten by any human or word that is written
i seek only truth, instead i receive a shrouded message that rests among the crowd
can you not see that something so trivial is not of any importance to me
question your own motivation, for look at your creation --- does it drip with greed?
my words hold no malice for i do not seek to destroy, anything on this earth that could possibly hold joy
only curious is my nature to walk on the ice, and go fishing hoping for something that for the day will suffice

are you joined amongst those who would seek and destroy anything that comes along that isn't a ploy
how brash to consider me hateful and stupid, i am not a little boy uttering the words of a fool

i have seen the fire of hatred that burns in the soul of the insipid, and this is hardly your form
you confuse me with another, for i am not this man - there is nothing in me that desires this banquet of depravity

instead i seek letters of courage and hope in distress, boring is the thought of a simple undressing if you will for the messing
for what is the prize if it's already been had... the real pleasure in life, is hardly anything so mechanical like a stab

and here i sit, utterly lost in confusion -- what's the point of written words if they seek a contusion
let me lay on this bed, on the way to the hospital -- stabbed by a murderer who lost their temperament in conclusion
let the dogs feed on this messy, grease covered breakfast
i'm sure they will devise witty and lovely words of their own self hating
here i lay in waiting, for something not so heavily distorted
my body is not so easily contorted for i have been smashed by a power much greater
than that which is devised with a pen on thin paper

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