for this alone

i live for the morning and love the surreal
and cannot be removed from your love,
with my lips i press the seal

for it guides me and loves me, despite who i am
youth is caught in a hopeless state of endless whim

others are lost in boredom and with a puny strategy of guile

but i live in words like love and affliction, you know the soul's jurisdiction
i am lost in that beautiful place without condition

admonish me for i enjoy the direction, truly
it keeps me growing with a steady connection

the proof of the world, always coming to rush in
for defense of the hate that they inject in their kin

gnawing at the flesh and bone with a disgusting clatter
surgically dissected as the wolves grow even fatter

but you are a light amongst dimly lit places
and i, the forlorn cry out for your spaces

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