articulate voices searching and yet somehow defined
you are a beautiful bird singing songs to the world
in hopes that another may look upon you and feel
for the very nature of this exchange is incontestable
frequently wrought with the fear of self, i die for you
and as i lay motionless, in the cool waters of eternity
my jubilation is met with love unconditioned
shining with a brilliance brighter than the sun
in moire dress - no words do you justice, i surrender

there was a passage through time, indeed a journey
lovingly i opened the doorway and spoke in paucity of hope
an excruciating phrase, can you help me, for i am lost in myself
and suddenly a doorway opened to another dimension
this quickly lead to some underworld, in it i saw a multitude
some of young and others of old, indeed a mixture
lost in excitability i found myself dancing with the keynote
for in this i lack the ability to control, hopelessly lost in my feelings
indeed, quite a thunderous moment
where my heart meets my mind
and my soul is quickly defined

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