master loyal

sun and toil rain and brow, belief upon the facial snow

we walk together in the rain and set upon a course in maine

wishing for the pastor flock to balance greed upon the rot

ro is red and ri is green, the past is mine to unbelieve

we cherish that which cannot greive and look upon 

the lost we tie


favor lot and balance full, the measure now upon the stool

walking with indiscreet of flame, the balance of the measure meter


sun and teter, john and jeter --- favor talking sunder wither

poem and pome in sither


slot and trust but mane to rest we challange our seduct reduct

defense, intense.... belief in sense


puppy pop and buster brown, the balance of the paper clown


he rests upon the sutter home and licks the chops of supper foam


sweet aussie pup and model mutt the master of the paper gush

grain and wither sun and sither sine and sock the power powder



push my light and know the sun master mike the powder run


bleak and bile pony child pastor mike the master nike

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