once upon...

her eyes reflect the ages of torment and time, tears gently falling from her crescent

with a morning sunrise bathing in her release of the night, she cries out into eternity

she lay upon gentle hills and cried for saving, but there is no answer for the night

the clouds roll in from the west and cover the sky until it is completely dark and her lightning begins to storm

rain falls but they give no notice to the sound or the feeling, her body completely numb from extensive pain of the ages

time begins to stand still all around as the drops fall slower and slower until they freeze time upon her birth

she screams with the thunder of the storm and the clouds carry her body into the summer night's breeze

many times she had been here, wondering what was next yet lacking courage to see the time anew

her eyes filling that darkness with glowing forays of white and glow, that mystical power of her heart

out of complete and utter dispondance she gives up her soul and it is immediately released from the body of the night

carried upon the wind she travels into the space above and her energy is formed into waves of green and red

the waves carry the sound of her cry into the depths of eternity as the winter snow begins to fall upon the taiga




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