full of refuse and beliefs a far cry from anything stoic, the title is so heroic
a much darker nature exists to preclude, the archangel michael would divide the confusion
the souls divide doth it seek to collude, though I seek and destroy I walk to remove
loves eloquent lies and the irrevocably moot, makes altar calls the sigh of the moon
forming the framework to an irrelevant dispute, about keys and conditions that fail to refuse

harshly playing the lire atop old lazy susan, that dark envoy of soulless confusion
the perfect position to inflict malign influence, upon preying souls of the mitochondrial excision
stopping like narcissus for a fleeting glance in the pool, lovely sonnet of market confusion
what a lovely face i have, i shall never be under rule - though I look solomon in the eye
hoping to mend your defense of opinion, a marred condition of thoughtless confusion
haste waste, an attempt to corrupt the dominion - the old ships of war cannot defend
moored to the shelf, an inventory of wealth - relax and command the faceless defense
eludes the particular prominence of self, that old rugged cross a burden of wealth
hopelessly trapped in a world of dysphoria - cost made now rain in that wasted confusion
vanquishing leads to extended euphoria - that love drug, the baguet of locks and contusions
no moral to the story, no ambiguous end --- no dividend wasted just market to mend
in the end, just a jot from the tip of my pen. --- make me a way to see the end


jolly and sunder, hopeless and flounder

make me a sign, make me a wonder

we walk with confusion, we walk with a mend

we carry the sight of a hope to defend

can you see my shadow, can you see my soul

i walk in the outer limits of goals.

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