I want a daughter,  I was so different back then and I had to make myself overcome so many challenging things but overall I would say that life has brought me a great deal of excitement, joy, and most of all peace.


I have many different thoughts on life,  I think that people have too many challenges that keep that guessing about the things they would like to do with their life and I have to say that I make so many people in this world happy reasons for talking about the peace that makes me stand above the rest of the shoulders in my life and I love to talk about things that make me overcome all the kind works of people and trust that they will overcome their issues as well.  The best thing about life is that I can talk about things with myself to overcome the difficulties expressed within my mind and knowing the peace of God keeps me well and happy.  He is a wonderful creator who keeps his own checks and balances within an appropriate order and makes all the time to tell me what to say.  If I had a place in this world it worldly easil and makes me talk about the simple things that I know to be true so I am going to write a book and keep myself open to new possibilities and facebook will be something that I just use to talk to friends instead of random people that I don't even know.  This world has brought me a great many troubles like jail, firemen, ambulances, and all those things that scare me but I learned something from all that stuff which is that I have the time to overcome my difficulties as long as I keep my connection with GOD open.  He is all powerful, all knowing, all seeing, and most of all he could take my life at any moment of that I am certain ---- but  I keep my eyes looking forward instead of behind me, I learned that in the hospital.



Love you guys,.



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