Sick and sangle moan and mangle, i allegory alliterate a story foury borey nast and nori

maybe like a mast and mooring or the flooring for the storing of fruits and veggies like confession is confetti

perhaps a leg or master metty medly maybe fetty favor betty like my grandpa died in setty favor fetty oh grandpa eddie

wish full thinking never blinking always thinking, thinking, thinking --- master blinking never sleeping fabled fetter total dreaming

technicolor dreams and tows like mizer modal flows and modes --- listen to the houses floor it creeps and creeks for more and more

most high god is most high rod like cell phone towers floats the nod --- fabled nod of favor fetty like confetti cones and spaghetti

wishful want and feast of gods most high gods with moans and nods, land of nod --- oh land of nod --- GDI came with the baud

tasty testing toasty tales of trusty girls and boys with nails, listen to my favor fetti --- fetti fetti oh contrary --- wise instruction in my hand

oh my hand hurts so bad in sand, sand sand --- of fallen seas overboard and on my knees oh the pain the weary pain of colons and sentences written in vain i run on and on and on and on --- but listen to the fabled fawn --- she flutters her eyes and keyboard strokes --- the strokes the strokes oh my the strokes


they break the boats inside their minds but never wait for fly and bligh mama said bligh but nasty neigh -- nasty neigh the little fly shutterfly or shuttlebug

busty babes and little cruds of open doors and open minds -- open minds yes open eyes, see the world and see the names the little names inside my games

skates and bires NI and VI like buyers buy the little ni -- not bill nye but listy lusty lie the lie inside the little VI --- vital fatal fable fun and listing ships inside the guns, the guns oh my the wicked vi the trusty word of billy nye --- the science guy or science fowl like burd and bard are nasty scowl oh the scowl inside the power never makes the hour hour --- hour of the wicked wane the wax and wane inside the vein, listen to my fable folly --- know my nasty holly jolly


wicked women men and mane horses drawn with carriage pain --- wasted pain oh wasted pain -- that subtle nasty nozin man, he blew a flan inside a bread

bread is bread but ned is ted and tom is jill and poppycock --- wasted wane of hot the ret --- red little ret the little red amazing trust of uncle fed

uncle fed is just in bed, he listed all teh names i said --- his names were wrong about me though i trusted mama and she knows... oh mama knows her little boy her cia is just a toy, toy and toy are metter mazin -- better blazin braisen phases fazin --- dont mess the fazin know the mazin maybe mason or contrition -- like nutrition names and wishin never fishin always wishin for the names of vital games in side of house or side the mane --- man oh man why do you code inside the mazer midal mode.... wishful ponder --- tone and sundry folly paper cones inside the bally --- master bally like a dance that codes the tense inside the fence... mincer mazin mozer mize --- wont you tow my cozin vize

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