fabled fangles

Merry middle mostly mindful code of struct and total title

Tell my baby title gidle that my love is trusty tire mode and mire

What makes all the babies kindness, is it life or is it finity and findness

Mostly trusty, mostly bustly busy buzzle of the hammer -- fray and bandle bingle

Why not reason with the mingle, mozy mazer is the phraser of my total title phaser


Hoe is like a farming tool, but trusty tie is not the fool --- wishful wanting trusting tie

Will you moze my mazer my?  Why oh why not tone my ties with wishful thinking of my lies

Wasted wanting worship my conditional statements about pi, why oh why dont you know pi

Delta icon of the sky, wishful thinking is the my of mazer mozer in the rye


Rye and rue are trusty too though insult leads to mazy fool, wishful tool, wire and bangal, principal of title fangal


Change your titles with maco le ap ta na de izzer tow, the rye and ruue make title cue like pool and paper with the few


Naked wanting mazer power listen to my icon bower, he trusty makey all in time and know not why he moah mine


Wamer of condition tone i like your vital is the row, naked want is naked taught and favor few is millipede the cont. inuity


Dispondant frames of total owe why not moze your midal moe... like the simp of kemp or son of sam, i listen to his mikro pan


We want though we see, we trust though we bleed, we wish for more time, we need, we need, we need, we nigh


Lie and wait for triangle fate and know if mate is like a date, the girls are gurling the boys are twirls of crusty cones and fire furls


Wasted path of you, knew feverfew, washed in bile and trust of 2 --- won't you know my number 2, not allegory but the cue'


Like and want, know and taunt --- wish and want make somber faunt like times of romans making nomens silly words of sidal somens






Bacon on the butter bode --- all abode no all abode .... wasted wanting feeling taunting needing calling favor falling frames of calling need and falling must believe no must be falling me nomen calling no wanting falling please hear my calling i need my mom

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