I love to sing


A life all i want to live

the river is the time of lies ---- the pi

I just want to know your name in life and find my only time of day

My oewn life is just a make in size of tital i iiiiiiii want to know

Maker is the title of his name ------ he wants to know you by the bain

Only total in you ssum of code ---- a life to live with all the mozzzzze

A mode is just another way to say life --- mode of life woman in strife

Jangle jingle bangle bingle look at all the bangles bingle --- how many hops can deliver single

Soul instruction name of man --- listen to his mode of man , oh mode of man why dont you stand upon the ground, upon the sand

Listen to my hefty pan --- it carries oil for all the ban ban ban his code, listen to his midal mode --- lusty, trusty, breaky, busty, never Dusty or John

John is fawn and mode is musty, why must you trust John and not Dusty --- he listens to me mozer musty

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