Lifting knowing naming writing

Sums of fighting poise and flighting

Makes her name like something writing

Flights of fancy names romancy like bill and nancy

If the name is just a game then flow the fable in the flain

Marks of hostile wrench implosion names of potions grains

Alcoholic names I know are like the fames of falter go

Which perception find the flow the name of icon is the know

If you don't stop comparing action you will flame the tidal faction

Crippy croppy corpses of floods naming cud for cows to muddle

Middle minding maser mizes now is the time to tow the vizes

I am hostile rude intent, know the fire is in the vent -- of your heart

Blow the contraption apart and make it start, how ventricles know their air

Air of despair or knots of care, faction and wear --- lift the care and cry

Out to the sea, out to the ocean inductive potion of command listen to my hand

I call to the sea of sand and ask her to wish my mand would mend know the bend

After thoughts come the rain but stink and stire know action games, lift the fames

Rise above the action frames and know my title is just a name --- James

behind silk roses are a flock, of totals sums and little poppycocks

of silk daffodils. Fake, make sense of the fate and know the rate it takes

in every gesture and word,  naming totals in their furls and curls like matter swirs

telling the room you add color and delection presedential electrion is the faction

color and poise, but your name is boys toys and things that make poise

arms are wire and your hair is flowing in despair find your answer in your air

is hand-cut out. No matter what i flow inside my gut and know the rut is just a mutt

how much you are admired and wired with perception to know perfection of predilection

for telling everyone how marketed and conspiring you are flowing with the inspiration of a sum within

real you are, the truth is hiding in your eyes do you not despise to know the wise make your ties like something rise 

will sit on the side of your fart ,alom know the falcon and rise above the item

vase and snicker. tone and sticker make the life of names and nickers

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