fever fiddle

intoxicated with the everlasting proof, of reincarnation
you stumble over ears with most compelling truth, the years they fail aloof
first one in line you told it all with the famous pride you fall, to arch nemesis like the fawn
gripping pulling tugging pile of mess covered with flies, absolute reduction of the tonal in your eyes
peter piper picked a peck of pickled pepper lies, to rest his own instruction on a fatal word that ties
all in hopes to bring dramatic puzzles to the buzzards minds, they fall with introductions but they keep their heads up high

help me when i'm falling, let it not be in this trap - I know your eyes are somber but you whail at every clap
for there are so many across this musty lake for i am the gnat, the whole, the great

dripping with disgust of self reminds me of that foolish shelf, that rancid milk is growing wealth - I bequeath to your insipid health
drenched with the hope of babylon and doped with the bottle, the Macledon or remeron (remember on) -- the face of time is Mastedon
this mirror that i look in, often dirty with the ugly boggle - A check of information that you release to all the foddle --- Like ponys in the water

depart from me you foolish lies - I lust for you and all your eyes, oke please donot despise
how can i be my own worst enemy, it's easy when you cower at the tree --- too looks at the mindless spree of fodder fawler maker sodder
trapped within this mortal body - chest of razors wire and cotty -- make your soddy like the roddy and know your power in the fizer
that chameleon is certainly a fake, he must learn fast to take a break or in his heart he'll tow a fate and lust for your yemen folding face
the color shift may prove useful during an attack, but favor comes inside the gnat --- go back to all the fodder fat and listen to the tiny rat
but how ugly you seem when superimposed upon that shiny glass, i rest for your loving master to teach him how to code it fast


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