Winds restless and moving, spells bounded and grooving like the clouds forming in the hot desert sun

Billowing and graceful yet disturbing and distasteful, full of chemicals and bonds turning fawns into freaks

This world I know is but a farce, distributed amongst kings who rule with an iron fist; making their stead the rule

That was a lifetime ago though I found myself reliving the past and future at the same time; for me to know

Which was the capable little helmet of a fallen king who trusted his valor and composed himself with vines of grapes mashed into a fodder like a summation of the winter; to celebrate and drink is the only course of men yet we call somber melodies into our mind to cast out the wretched demons that plague our composure with ideaology that makes us sick and perverse, who then shall call into being the very things they detest.  Which is right?; I thinketh not


Who watches the watchers when the lights go out and time enters into the abyss of the human heart; We fail and flail like the feather of the pharoh so ornamental and disguised with hard laborous acts of deceit to mire in the ways of a forgotten land.  That which starts me on a fallacy known only to the ones who hold all the keys; I fail as a father and make my abode the winter nights of fervent fevers of the humankind that plague the earth, wherein lies the most insidious attire of a woman, she rocks her hearth and rails the insanity of the mankind.  We share in the game and play a little ditty while the phone calls bombard the foolish walking dead, they stare at the glare in their eyes; assuming that the content is hardly as harmful as the words they speak yet I see the words and the content and flail in disguise like a forgotten wizard closing in upon frodo the little man who could hardly bear the burden of a ring.  I know that ring and its weight is unbounded and fruitless because it has no meaning, it is only a symbol of perfection undone yet cast upon the soul of a fool.  Witches have better luck at finding the things they want in life because because because, they only see the tight little dresses that the young should wear as an opportunity to condescend or transcend the very futures of the innocent who are not so innocent perhaps a bear would take justice in reviling the flesh of a human that tore down his only habitat;  Though we walk in shame for such insipid ideaology we call to the incantations of the flesh and revile the wicked who have become an abomination upon the entire earth.... What the fuck is wicked anyway said the callous wretch, wicked is blessed and merciful, but earnesty is reviled among the following hearts of the unspoken earth, wind, and fire they call.  We worship the abarations of an affectation because there is nothing better to do with our time, though I falter upon the altar of the earth I see merrily merrily merrily after all said the bippity boppity boo now you see here you little shit, I will inflame your brain with matters unspoken for the wretches now know that you walk upon the sands of the desert.  That billowing place of cloud that I spoke of, make it your home and you will know the undying fervor of the sadhu.  Like a gem in the rough he walks with his heart on his sleeve but does not speak of the mindless babel you call intellect, instead he chooses to flail in the wind like a cast down angel or better said a cast of a lot... For the unknowing a lot is but a life burning in the coals of eternity for all to see, laugh at him and his infidelity --- felaio is brotherly love but fiduciary duty is for stupid people that know the church.  We call to the mindless arc of Abraham or was it Noah for the animals to come into the boat to escape certain destruction... Maybe then the lives of the angels would be protected in a barge of sorts that will toss upon the waves of nuclear holocaust... The holocaust is already here, we live it and breathe it every day yet noone pays any mind to the new spirit upon the earth, that unbinded the beast at tenagra --- like the children of darmok said "His sails unfurled", indeed his sails unravelled at the mere thought of a hopeless night without his trusty red haired queen to demand his medical perfection.  How then did you call to this being a trusty sailor to do you bidding, like the negro slave on the movie; how rediculous to think that you would call your own pallor a wisdom in itself, a perfection.  The white man has blinded his own kind to the irreverence of hope that lies within his detested soul... Wish for me a moment that would erase the prior racial slur as it were to command justice for all the slaves that paid with their lives, god forbid I should mention history


What then calls to you man of God?! Go back to church with your jewery and tell your slaves in white to serve your monetary populous with TD Jakes and the rest of the bandwagon... Jesus Christ said the woman in red, perhaps you need to wear a dress that is a little tighter to expose all your infidelity to the world and rape the mohogany wood on the walls of Mr. Bailey's house.... Candor is such a bitch, but God wills that I call to the expanse within my mind to find fortitude and erasure of mindless garbola and all that shizznat... circles of crimea and the war that has no bounds....


I fell to prey one night and instead I found myself talking to enlightened beings that were interested in what I had to say for a moment, until they blazed with fire and told me to shut the hell up... Is God so gracious and loving? Or is he an angry bastard that has no father, shooo you fly how dare you undermine my authority in life... The witching well is so incredulous and unloving, or is it a manner of speaking that breeds hate and discontent... Perhaps I am a German spy that wants to overthrow the government... Or perhaps I am just talking out of my ass, right?


Sink in the pond of eternity and know that your will is like a whip, if you carry a sound for the choir you will find yourself dry and inconsistent --- because you have no fervor, peace is the substance of truth but lies will grasp your content and shake your ass the hell away from whatever it is that blinded you in the first place... Wake up you people know that you are going somewhere and that somewhere which you are going is not as delightful as you would like to believe... Imagine for a moment that you awake in the gross intensity of a being that has no concern for your wayward thoughts and has to find a way to get you to listen to intellegence without killing you, because after all whether this is your first time around the block or you have relived this experience 1,000,000 times over you will find that it has the same effect on your spirit... Like the bear in the woods the life of a man is carried upon the thin veil of flesh that bounds his hands just enough to make him mortal and disembodies him by giving him dreams and delusions or illusions depending on your caste.  I see the right way to live but I don't do it, I see the right way to live but I don't see it in action, because everything is fallen down upon the plains of the cracked and dry earth.... I try to paint pretty pictures for people to marvel at but they don't typically give a god damn because they don't want to be a part of my insidious earth shine like mop and glow it makes the floor clean but dirty feet continue to tread upon it (my own dirty feet).



Walk with me for a minute and see that what I say is true, maybe then you will come to the same conclusions which I have... This earth is poison, some would say now moreso than ever but I say it has always been poison because it grows in the trees, which bear fruit --- the food.... Or maybe you would like a shred of the atropia belladonna to wish you farewell.... Maybe the trumpets will make you see the endless fervor written in the plant, and how carefully it devised a way to kill the things which ate upon its flesh... Will you eat my flesh now?  Was my word insufficient?  Or did you just see me inside of yourself and run away from the mirror...



Part I


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