Faithless sundery for worries of the somber soul


Devising your belief upon winds of chaos and order


Riches of the mindseye filling hearts with vanity of hope


Wishing away the ties like a teardrop from the eye


Release me from this unending world of confusion


When hope lies within I carry a soulless divinity


Hopelessness carries me to prevail in my final hour


I am truth, my disguise - Feel me want


Rain falls upon the plain yet the earth is cracked


My lips suffering in their dry spells, the incantations of the tarrying fool


Trapped in his own illusions, like chlorine trapped within the lungs


Breathless and burning, living and dying yet discerning


Fervor of change, lusting for yet dispelling the names


Rest upon my candor and feed my desire


Walk for the rotten things of this world


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