Tonight I make my stay, though I walk and play so far


Seething is breathing and know-ling is deceiving


Knowing is bereaving



I cast my doubt on the vectors and plots, can you see my tie knots?


Lot's of men cast their fears on the world, but how about this line


I walk with absurdity, inside the blurry lines of fate


See me not, know me more


Leave me not and I would swear to rot, like red


Yes red is in German, but how could you discern the differ


Jot and tiddle, phone and fiddle I think my why is failing her


She walks with compassion yet fades into rays of green


Environmental plague of fever in my fade


Filling my tears with tears of envy


Shifty and deleted, tonal and conceited


Perhaps my rayn is needed, like veins of icy wheezes


Please don't seize on what's necessary, fill your heart with berry blood


That makes you merry and delightful


Oh you're so insightful


Et al

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