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Some boxing fans may call attention to that Broner thumped Porter down in the twelfth round in their battle in June 2015. In any case, Porter wasn't harmed by the knockdown. It was a blaze knockdown in which Porter got hit by a shot that he didn't see, and he went down. Those sorts of shots don't require a great deal of intensity. Broner's punches had no impact in the initial 11 rounds, and he was getting overwhelmed until the twelfth. Indeed, even in that round, the main thing Broner did was drop Porter with a left hand shot he didn't see coming.

Broner's record since climbing to welterweight in 2013 is 2-2-1. That record is marginally deceptive however, as two of Broner's successes over Paulie Malignaggi and Adrian Granados were questionable with him choices in battles that a great deal of boxing fans saw him losing. In the event that Broner's battles against Malignaggi and Granados were scored the route numerous in the boxing open saw them, his record would be 0-4-1. Notwithstanding. a great deal of fans additionally think Broner merited a misfortune in his ongoing 12 round draw against Jessie Vargas last April. With that battle scored a misfortune also, Broner's record since climbing to welterweight could possibly be 0-5. This means Broner plainly isn't a welterweight, and he ought to have remained at super featherweight instead of moving to lightweight, light welterweight lastly welterweight.



Pacquiao vs Broner Live Stream

Pacquiao vs Broner Live

Pacquiao vs Broner

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