I now understand why you did what you did,

Pretend to be a friend so you could keep a grip,

On what was once your one true love,

I stole him from you,

'That fugly slut'.

You thought that he loved nobody but you,

That he cried when you left him,

But you never knew,

Tears of sorrow are different from tears of guilt.

'What goes around comes around',

That is very much true,

But he had more respect for me than you,

Decided not to cheat but still,

Go behind my back,

And now that he's gone I can see all of that.

I'm sorry for being the new girl,

The one after you,

But it's not like marriage was on the cards,

So I guess you knew,

That he'd move on to 'bigger and better things',

As he likes to tell us all,

Pulling our strings.

So this new understanding is just that I know,

Why you hate me so,

I'm sorry about the fact that he lies and cheats,

But that really is nothing to do with me.

You are very pretty,

You're very unique,

He was lucky to have you,

Grovelling at his feet,

But he gave you away,

So be happy he's gone,

He never loved you anyway,

We were never The One.

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