Tell Me Anything.

Tell me you hate me,

That you never cared.

Tell me I was a fool,

That my feelings weren't shared.

Tell me anything

But don't tell me I was right.

That we were perfect

Before this long expected fight.

I desperately want to believe,

It was always this way,

And it's nothing I did,

There's nothing to say.

But U know it was different,

It was better than this,

And now I have to face you,

With nothing more than a wish.

The memories of how it was,

And my fears for you.

I don't want to remember,

That you helped me through.

So let me forget

All the good times we shared.

Help me believe

That you were never really there.

I don't need to know

That it was better back then.

And the pain I onced felt

I caused it again.

So tell me we were never right,

That you never cared.

Tell me anything

Except that my feelings were shared.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this about him, like I do many of my poems. Although he's hurt me I do thank him for being such a brilliant muse lol.

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