Lying Eyes

Am I stupid for buying your lies?

You were such a waste of time,

You said you loved me, and that nobody else came close,

I didn't love you - but your lies made me boast,

They made me think I was better than the rest,

To wake up with my head lying on your chest,

I thought that I was the only one in the world,

Who had seen the way that your toes curled,

Whilst you was letting me go on top,

Didn't think or stop,

To think,

That you were just trying to get me into bed.




I call it stupidity.

And if it wasn't for my large dose of that,

You would never have had me on my back.

Try to get a clever girl,

Now there's a challenge,

Because one of those will never fall for your lines,

And your lying eyes.

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