Try To Be Happy With Her

Stop looking at me like that,

You've done it to so many women before,

It means nothing anymore.

They're so deep and encouraging,

Do you want me as much as your eyes say you do?

It's hard to believe.

It's true,

Yes, it's true that when you stare,

It makes me think I've something in my hair,

Or that you're admiring the way I look,

But really you just want to fuck.

We're all just practice,

Notches on your bedpost,

Practice at this sport,

So that when you meet 'The One' you're perfect for her,

But I hope she doesn't forget how you got that way,

Her, She and I,

All had a part to play.

Forget us and hate us,

Wish we never were,

Make us all argue,

Love me more than her,

And the next more than me,

Right up until the end,

Your One might be happy,

But you won't be my friend.

As The One for you is me,

You're just afraid to see it,

Same backgrounds,

Same interests,

Same fears and dreams,

Maybe I'm dreaming now...

That's what it seems.

But when you are with her,

This 'The One' of yours,

Just remember who made you feel like a whore,

Remember who kissed you gently,

Who held you when it happened,

Remember who you left the rest of them for,

And try to be happy with her.


But she'll never be me...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Bit of confusion going on in this poem. Maybe it should go in the Unfinished folder. But it's written about him and I wrote it after we split up.

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