You Lost

It's ticking away slowly,

And I'm trying to grasp it tightly,

But ever since you've known me,

It's been draining away so quietly,

You've tried to disguise,

And sugar-coat your lies,

But I'm not as naive as you are,

And I can see that it's all a game.

I'm not going to play with you,

I'm gonna walk away from this playground,

And spit out my dummbie out, too;

Because the way things are good,

Too good to lose,

And your option I ain't gonna choose,

I won't humour you anymore,

You lost.

Game Over.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is aimed at all those people who still try to get a rise out of me by calling me names behind my back, by stirring up trouble for me, by spreading lies and gossip about me - just to make themselves feel a tiny bit more popular. Basically. I'm flipping them the bird. I've grown up.

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