In The Stars

Sagittarius and Aquarius,

That you and I,

And apparently, sweetheart,

Our planets align,

We're perfect together,

It's written in the stars,

Made to have a great chance to succeed,

Despite the 'ums' and 'ahhs'.

Your sign readily understands,

The needs that mine possess,

My peculiar moods,

My theories,

The way I never distress.

And I always accept your freedom,

The fact that you need to roam,

Although I'll want you with me,

I'll give you time alone.

Our stars love change and travel,

And we both know that is true,

Excitement is key for both our signs,

And I get that all from you.

Our values are alike,

So say the balls of gas,

And I'd say that's true, too,

Unless one of your moodswings come to pass!

The most magical thing of all,

Is we both know what we want,

And we understand each other's needs,

For freedom and for doing different things.

I know we're not forever,

But I'm enjoying the here and now,

And I've not done that before, you know,

It's all because of you somehow.

I know we've got a struggle,

Ahead of us really soon,

But I know we're going to make it,

Because it's in the stars and moon.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written about him and I based on our star sign profiles.

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