Imperfect Perfection

This is dedicated to your imperfect perfection.

The way in which you managed to get me to fall for you,

Without having to try.

Oh, the way that you look at me when we're making love,

Your mouth partly open,

And then you bite your lip.

The way that you try your best to turn me on,

And I pretend it's not working,

But deep inside I've got butterflies flying higher than the clouds.

The way that you whisper to me when I'm falling asleep,

And kiss my ear.

It makes me melt inside, you know.

The way that when you smile, you try to hide your teeth.

I know you're insecure,

But it makes me love you more.

The way when you eat, you get food on your face,

And you wipe it off with your sleeve and I can tell by your eyes,

You're praying that I didn't notice.

The way that you try to make me feel comfortable,

But to be honest - why do you care?

It's not like you love me - is it?

The way that when we're playing,

I can see a little smile of sadness come across your face.

That's because you miss her don't you?

I miss him too, don't worry.

The way that we can sit in silence,

And be.

Is perfect.

But because it's with you,

And because it's with me,

It's imperfect.

So you're there,

And I'm here,

Falling into your imperfect perfection.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Fuck you for loving me in the first place.

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